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Advantages of external fixation
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Advantages of external fixation

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Advantages of external fixation stents include:

ADJUSTABILITY AND REVERSIBILITY: External fixation stents have an adjustable design that can be personalized to the patient's specific situation and treatment needs. And, at the end of treatment, external fixation stents can be easily removed for a return to normal life.

Stability and Support: External fixation braces provide stable support to prevent movement of the fracture or injury site and help promote healing. They help reduce pain and promote healing by sharing the load on the damaged area through external immobilization.

Wide range of applications: External fixation braces can be used to treat a wide range of fractures, soft tissue injuries and for stabilization after spinal surgery. Whether it's a temporary emergency or long-term rehabilitation, external fixation bracing is an effective treatment option.

Reduced surgical trauma: External fixation braces usually do not require extensive surgery and can be implanted through small incisions or percutaneous manipulation, which reduces surgical trauma and post-operative pain and shortens recovery time.

Monitoring and Adjustment: The design of the external fixation stent allows physicians to easily monitor the patient's recovery and make adjustments as needed to ensure the treatment is maximized. Such real-time adjustments can be made to meet the needs of different stages of rehabilitation and improve the success of treatment.

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Manufacture of orthopaedic implants and device with 62 years experience.

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